Affordable and quality
mental health coverage
for you and your policyholders

One of the primary challenges for insurers to provide mental health coverage is ensuring that mental healthcare is affordable, accessible, and, most importantly, evidence-based. This is where Shamiri Health comes in.

Lower claim bill

Our in-house therapy team offers insurers a unique opportunity to provide high-quality mental health care to their policyholders at a fraction of the cost of traditional therapy. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based treatments, ensuring that policyholders receive the best possible care. Our in-house model also reduces the cost of each session, making care more affordable for everyone. With us on the panel, insurers can demonstrate their commitment to providing comprehensive mental health coverage while managing costs and reducing claims.


Efficient utilization

Our unique approach promotes preventative psycho-education and low-touch therapy. By including us on their panel, insurers can help policyholders manage their mental health effectively and efficiently, reducing the need for costly interventions down the line. Our triage system ensures policyholders only use billable therapy sessions when needed, reducing the overall cost and improving outcomes for everyone. This way, insurers can demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective mental healthcare.


Reduced co-payment

Our digital platform offers insurers an opportunity to reduce co-pays for their policy holders, making care more affordable and accessible for policyholders. Our in-house therapy team and low-touch therapy options reduce the per-session cost of therapy. Our proactive care package helps policyholders manage their mental health cost-effectively, reducing the need for more costly interventions. By including us on the panel, insurers can reduce the financial burden on their policyholders while providing quality care.