July 27, 2022

We are now on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store

Users of both Android and iOS platforms can now download and access Rafi.

We are now on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store

We are excited to announce that Rafi, our personal wellness companion, is now available in both Android and iOS.

Rafi can now be accessed on all mobile platforms

What is Shamiri Health

Shamiri Health is the way to access affordable and personalized mental health and wellness services in Africa. Take ownership of your own well-being with daily wellness tracking and personalized tips, tools, and resources. Get support from licensed local mental health and wellness experts in anonymous groups and 1:1 phone sessions. Coming soon: book health, wellness, and professional services like gym, dance, coaching, yoga...

*** Features

1. Complete privacy and confidentiality: Create a profile with an alias and set a login pin for added security. We treat your information like confidential medical information and will never share it without your permission.

3. Trusted, quality care personalized for you: We match you with trained and certified local mental health and wellness practitioners based on your needs and goals. In addition to certification, all of our providers receive additional training and supervision in order to be on the app. If it's not a fit, we help you switch providers.

4. Always at your fingertips: Get customized content like helpful check-ins, goal-setting, tips, and evidence-based resources and activities, available 24/7.

5. Coming soon: Wellness options to help you feel like you -- we give you choices and let you explore what works for you. Book a range of services from professional coaching to gym classes, dance sessions, and more.

*** How does it work?

Shamiri Health is a subscription-based platform that helps companies provide mental health and wellness services for their employees.

** For individuals:

1. Sign in with a verified employee account, then set your anonymous alias and pin

2. Set goals and complete daily check-ins with Rafi, our wellness companion. Rafi provides daily tips and helps you track progress in five main areas: overall well-being, sense of purpose, motivation, social relationships, and life satisfaction.

3. Get matched with personalized resources, activities, and sessions. Access unlimited digital resources. Use subscription credits to book live sessions on your own schedule.

** For companies:

1. Provide your team with the tools they need to thrive on the job: research shows that employees who feel supported with their mental health at work are more productive, satisfied, and solution-oriented.