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Meet Rafi, your mental health companion

Rafi, your mental health companion

Rafi is your wellness companion.  Check-ins are personalized to help you stay on track with your wellness goals. Rafi is also powered to give you personalized recommendations for evidence-based tools and care. Personalized, anonymous.

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Personalized to your needs

Tools that meet you where you are

Rafi recommends an array of care options - from digital content to 1:1 therapy - at the clinically appropriate level through our research-proven tiered caregiving model.

Clinically appropriate matching

Depending on need, we may pair you with a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist that's trained to respond to your specific challenges and level of need.

Dynamic personalization

Our precision care algorithm personalizes treatment options to ensure that you're matched with the most effective care plan.

Express yourself and get support

Wellness gallery, curate your own community

Now, your check-ins with Rafi can be turned into sharable art and can let you wake friends with people who get it. Create and curate your own well-being experience and community. Monitor your mental health and well-being. All anonymous. All fun.

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