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We provide the world's most comprehensive mental health solutions for individuals and organizations across the Global South.

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Tailored for you

Care that adapts to your individual needs, whether you're seeking personal support or solutions for your team.

Stronger together

Our approach to mental healthcare that is rooted in community and designed to foster collective healing and growth.

Care without barriers

We believe that effective care whould be accessible to individuals and organizations in the Global South.

Proven outcomes that you can trust.

80% +

of users show significant improvement


utilization rate compared to traditional EAPs


cheaper than traditional alternatives

Backed by science: Explore our impact

Backed by over $2.5M in R&D and validated by peer-reviewed studies, our solutions are at the forefront of mental health care. Clinical trials and extensive research show the effectiveness of our mental health solutions. See how we’re making a tangible difference in mental health care.

  • Evidence-based results: Peer-reviewed research confirming therapy effectiveness
  • Data-driven insights: Analytics and precision care AI enhances care & intervention quality
  • Real-life success stories: Transformative impacts in individual & organizational health
Explore our impact

Rafi is your wellness companion.

Our Rafi platform delivers personalized, community-focused, and flexible mental health care, seamlessly blending technology with human support.

Personalize your care journey

Begin with a personalized care assessment to match you with the most suitable therapy options, from low-touch interventions to specialized care, based on your unique needs and preferences.

Build your community

Build your supportive community or join a community where your wellness journey is accepted, relatable, and celebrated.

Your therapy, your choice

Select from a wide array of therapeutic approaches including group therapy, one-on-one sessions, tele-therapy, and digital exercises, ensuring comfort and convenience in your healing process.

You are in charge

Monitor your progress through continuous assessments and feedback, allowing for care plan adjustments and ensuring effective, responsive treatment. Ongoing progress and adaptation is powered by our precision care wellness model.

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Begin your journey to better mental health with Shamiri Health: simple, effective, accessible.

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