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Our approach is grounded on revolutionizing mental health care by combining scientific rigor with innovative care models.

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Science-backed, community-focused care

Evidence-based low-touch therapy

Tiered caregiving: Precision care for every need

Measuring what matters: Impact beyond the surface

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A science-backed, community-focused approach

We believe that mental health starts with community. Our approach, deeply rooted in science and real-world effectiveness, is what sets us apart.

Built on cutting edge research

Our community-based platform is supported by over five decades of mental health literature, emphasizing the importance of community in mental health wellness.

Grounded on real-world impact

Studies demonstrate that our community focus, group-based therapy and low-touch interventions effectively address a broad spectrum of mental health issues.

Tiered caregiving: Precision care for every need

Personalized assessment

We use validated clinical measures to track and ensure meaningful progress in our users’ mental health journey.

Evidence-based low-touch therapy

Our low-touch therapy is validated for its effectiveness in treating common mental health disorders, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional care.

A triaged caregiving approach

Our tiered caregiving system provides personalized care based on symptom severity and specific needs, from lay experts to clinical experts.

Proven clinical efficacy

We rigorously assess the effectiveness of our tiered model, ensuring each level of care meets the highest standards of mental health treatment.

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Rafi is your wellness companion

Rafi is built for you. Rafi allows for art-based expression, personalized therapy sessions, engaging digital exercises, and importantly: it allows you to build a community of those who get it

Leading the field with research

Our methods are not only grounded in established mental health practices but also in ongoing research, contributing to the field with our findings and insights. And we measure what matters, focusing on meaningful changes that represent true recovery and wellbeing

Find the care that is just right for you

Our network of providers offers diverse, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based treatments, ensuring the highest quality of care for our users.

Lots to like, more to love.

Tailored for you

Experience mental health care that adapts to your individual needs, whether you're seeking personal support or solutions for your team.

Stronger together

Mental healthcare that is rooted in community. Engage in therapy that is designed to foster collective healing and growth.

Healthcare without barriers

Care should be accessible. Get affordable, high-quality mental health care, making wellness accessible to individuals and organizations in the Global South.

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We are shaping the future of mental healthcare

We are pioneering accessible and affordable mental healthcare with a community focus, tailored therapies, and evidence-based care for individuals and businesses.

Designed by experts: guided by top clinical experts from around the world

Committed to you:  we're building a foundation for lasting mental wellness

Accessible for all: great care shouldn't come at great expense.

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