For insurers: Revolutionize your mental health & wellness coverage

We partner with insurers to enhance their portfolio with comprehensive mental health and wellness solutions. Our approach is designed to strengthen your competitive position by offering cost-effective, efficient, and high-quality mental health services.

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Transformative mental health care

Elevating care continuity & outcomes

Setting new standards in behavioral health

Process automation to streamline offerings

Innovative mental health solutions for a competitive advantage

Lower claim costs

Our in-house, evidence-based therapy methods significantly reduce the cost per session, making mental health care more affordable for policyholders.

Efficient utilization of services

Our model ensures that billable therapy sessions are used judiciously, optimizing resources and improving outcomes for all stakeholders. Precision care makes mental health care more sustainable.

Enhanced policyholder experience

Our proactive care package minimizes out-of-pocket expenses for clients while maintaining high-quality care. Real-time metrics and recommendations offer valuable insights for improved underwriting, risk assessment, and claims management.

Process automation

Streamline claims with our automated reporting and sustainability metric tools. n aggregated data dashboard offers a comprehensive view of organizational wellness levels.

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Integrated care delivery

Our platform seamlessly integrates with health plans, offering frictionless care coordination from digital interventions to therapy and care management

Rapidly available continuous care

Members can access high-quality, measurement-based therapy and medication management, ensuring timely care. Continuous access to crisis support enhances member safety and well-being.

Efficient care co-ordination

Members typically see a therapist or care navigator within two days, either in-person or virtually. Our integrations simplify referrals and care transitions, prioritizing member experience.

Optimized health outcomes at reduced cost

Experience the dual benefit of enhancing mental health outcomes for members while significantly reducing healthcare spending. Shamiri Health’s innovative approach focuses on providing high-quality mental health services that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Integrated care for holistic wellbeing

Our comprehensive care model seamlessly integrates various mental health services, from digital tools to personalized therapy and medication management. This holistic approach ensures that every member receives care that is meticulously tailored to their individual mental health needs

Data-driven approach for measurable impact

We employ a data-driven methodology, harnessing the latest in mental health research and analytics to deliver evidence-based solutions. This approach not only enhances the precision of care but also provides tangible, measurable improvements in mental health outcomes.

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