Our mission: accessible mental health for all

With a focus on underserved regions in the Global South, starting in Africa, we blend innovative approaches, advanced technology, and a deep commitment to quality care for everyone.

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A bold vision

We are making mental healthcare affordable and accessible in underserved regions, starting in Africa. Our mission is to provide effective mental health interventions at a fraction of the prevailing cost.

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We are bridging the gap in mental health access

Around the world, countless individuals struggle with mental health issues, cannot access care. Shamiri Health was founded to overcome this challenge, utilizing cutting-edge technology and evidence-based interventions to deliver personalized, effective care.

Affordable care

We provide effective mental health interventions at a fraction of the prevailing cost, addressing the critical need for affordable care.

A focus on underserved regions

Our mission extends beyond Africa, aiming to support underserved communities worldwide, where the need for mental health care is most acute.

Our innovative approach to mental health

Community-centered care

We build on the concept that mental health starts with community. Our platform fosters supportive networks and open conversations about mental wellness.

Low-touch therapy

Simplified, yet effective interventions form the conerstone of our approach. We are mobilizing key resources for effective care including digital capabilities and a diverse range of caregivers.

Tiered caregiving

Powered by precision, our model offers personalized care, adapting to the severity of individuals' mental health needs, from lay providers to clinical experts.

Meet our team

Meet the mental health experts, technologists, and business leaders driving the strategy behind Shamiri Health.

COO at Shamiri Health

Chiara van Oekel

Chiara brings a decade of experience advising and scaling companies in East Africa, combined with her passion for building impact-driven teams and working on innovative solutions for global challenges.
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Co-Founder & CEO

Tom Osborn

Tom founded Shamiri to transform mental health for all, starting in Africa
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Head of Technology

Shadrack Lilan

Shadrack has a strong tech background with a focus on healthcare solutions
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Co-Founder & CPO

Jia Tu

Jia believes that technology can make mental healthcare accessible for all
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Sales & Marketing Lead

Chad Laws

Chad is a global communication and marketing professional, known for developing strategies that drive change and deliver results.
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Growth & Strategy Manager

Anushka Tyagi

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Natalie Mukai

Natalie is a trained psychologist with 5 years experience working with children and young adults
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Hellen Kanjagua

Hellen is a dedicated clinical psychologist committed to supporting individuals through their mental health journeys
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Fullstack Developer

Evan Uwao

Evan is a full stack developer, specializing in building web and native mobile apps
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Symon Murage

Symon Murage is a dedicated mental health expert with a in Trauma-Informed Practice
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Product Design & Marketing

Fama Ndiaye

Fama is a seasoned professional in UX/UI design and strategic planning.
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Biz Dev

Kelvin Mukaria

Kelvin works in the business development team
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Product Design

Wanjiru Wang'ondu

Wanjiru is driven by a commitment to ethical, inclusive, and accessible solutions, particularly in areas like women empowerment and mental health.
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University of Nairobi

Prof. David Ndetei

Prof. David Ndetei is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Nairob
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Harvard University

Katherine Venturo-Conerly

Katherine Venturo-Conerly is the Co-founder and Scientific Director of the Shamiri Institute
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WU Vienna

Dr. Thomas Rusch

Assistant Professor at WU Vienna
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Kenyatta University

Dr. Christine Wasanga

Dr. Wasanga is a Senior Lecturer of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Kenyatta University.
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Harvard University

Prof. John Weisz

Dr. Weisz is a Professor of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School
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