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Symon Murage

Symon Murage is a dedicated mental health expert with a in Trauma-Informed Practice


Symon Murage is a dedicated mental health expert with a Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology and a specialization in Trauma-Informed Practice. Accredited by the Kenya Counselors and Psychologists Association (KCPA), Symon's compassion and resolute commitment to mental well-being shine through in his work. With over five years of experience, including his role with the Kenya Red Cross Society as a Psychosocial Officer and Tele-therapist, he has honed his skills in delivering tailored, evidence-based interventions to diverse groups.

Joining Shamiri Institute in 2021, Symon first served as a thrive/clinical supervisor before transitioning to a Program Associate role at Shamiri Health. Here, he is integral to providing innovative wellness solutions to young adults and professionals across various sectors. Beyond his clinical role, Symon is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, working tirelessly to dismantle stigma and foster open discussions about mental well-being. His contributions to mental health initiatives aim to make resources widely accessible and relatable.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Symon enjoys quality time with loved ones, expressing his musical talents, and exploring entrepreneurial ventures.

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