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Demonstrating efficacy through rigorous research

At Shamiri Health, our commitment to effective mental health solutions is rooted in scientific research and clinical trials. We focus on three core elements: community, low-touch therapy, and tiered caregiving, each backed by robust clinical evidence.

  • Clinical Trial Findings: Our trial showed that group therapy significantly reduced depression and anxiety symptoms, with lasting effects (published in JAMA Psychiatry)
  • Low-touch therapy RCT: We found that our digital self-guided therapy significantly reduced depressive symptoms in adolescents, outperforming traditional face-to-face psychotherapy.
  • Customized care based on need: Our training, triaging, and supervision protocols have been peer-reviewed and published in Cognitive and Behavioral Practice and the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.
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Experience Clinically Validated Outcomes and Tangible ROI

We're providing a scientifically validated approach that yields real results, both clinically and financially.

Evidence-based care

We prioritize validation, especially when it involves enhancing mental health. Our approach is not just clinically effective; it also brings substantial benefits to organizations in terms of productivity and healthcare costs.

Real results, real change

Our solutions have been shown to significantly reduce common issues affecting mental health, such as anxiety and depression. With Shamiri Health, users experience faster and more effective recovery, translating into direct savings and improved productivity for employers.

Evidence that you can trust

Recent studies have highlighted the effectiveness of our low-touch therapy and community-based approach in reducing mental health symptoms and improving overall wellbeing. Our group-based therapy demonstrates lasting impact, with a significant decrease in mental health symptoms sustained for several months post-treatment.

Evidence published in leading journals

ur research findings have been published in top-tier journals like JAMA Psychiatry and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (JCCP). These studies underline not only the clinical effectiveness of our solutions but also their cost-effectiveness, offering a substantial return on investment.

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