Rafi 3.0 is here with community still at the center

Rafi 3.0 is here with community still at the center

Rafi 3.0 builds on the foundation of Rafi 2.0 and introduces more dynamic features to deepen community connections and enhance user experience.

Date Published:
March 4, 2024

We're excited to unveil Rafi 3.0, evolving our commitment to community-centered mental health care. Rafi 2.0 laid the groundwork with its community app, fostering belonging and mutual support through daily surveys, shared art and stories, and an anonymous community feed. Rafi 3.0 builds on this foundation, introducing more dynamic features to deepen community connections and enhance user experience. Below we describe some of the features that we are super excited about in Rafi 3.0

Enhanced Community Engagement in Rafi 3.0

Rafi is all about building healthy and supportive communities—and Rafi 3.0 strengthens this commitment. Some of the enhancements include:

Revamped Check-In
  • Revamped Check-In Process: Rafi 3.0 includes a daily 2-minute check-in to help users identify their emotional state, associated feelings, and triggers. Additionally, our weekly "Shamiri Score" assesses well-being across five mental health domains (Wellbeing, Satisfaction, Social Support, Motivation, Sense of Purpose), visualized as AI-generated art for sharing within the community.
  • Group Therapy Sessions: Remaining at the heart of our service, these sessions are moderated by caregivers, providing a safe space for shared healing and learning. Tailored for various demographics, they offer support for a wide range of mental health concerns and are backed by clinical evidence.

Your Wellness Journey Is Now More Personalized and Versatile

Our aim is to provide access to care via cost-effective "low-touch" therapy which we believe is an innovative approach that expands the versatility in care options. Some of the exciting ways that we've expanded access to care include:

  • Low-Touch Therapy Options: Over 3,000 affirmations, goal-setting tools, and guided journaling topics.
  • Journeys for Affirmation and Journaling: Create, share, and receive daily personalized affirmations; secure space for both freeform and guided journaling.
  • Goal Tracking: Tools for tracking progress and setting sub-goals.
  • Ask a Therapist: Anonymously submitted community questions, answered by certified therapists.

The Wellness Center Is More Comprehensive Than Ever

We've expanded from simple tele-therapy to offer a variety in therapy options including:

  • Variety in Therapy Modalities: From in-person to tele-therapy, video, and chat sessions, with privacy customization.
  • Group Sessions: Anonymous and tailored for specific groups, focusing on crucial wellness areas.
  • Rafi Journeys: Self-driven digital courses on key mental wellness skills.

Gamification for Engaging Experiences

The "Treasure Chest" feature in Rafi 3.0 gamifies mental wellness habits, encouraging daily mental health check-ins, gratitude practice, goal achievement, emotional understanding, and community support.

Join the Rafi Community!

We are super excited about this new version of Rafi and we want to share it with you. Download the app, explore its features, and become part of a growing community dedicated to mental wellness. It's free.

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