For universities: Elevate your student and staff mental health & wellbeing

We partner with universities to set new standards in student and staff mental health care, offering accessible and effective interventions.

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Revolutionize your campus wellbeing

Affordable & tailored care

Student-centric interventions

Long-term economic benefits

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Tackling the youth mental health epidemic

We provide specialized mental health solutions for universities, offering accessible, evidence-based care to enhance student and staff wellbeing, improve academic performance, and foster a supportive campus environment.

Addressing key challenges

With a significant rise in mental health issues within university communities, we focus on overcoming barriers to access and providing cost-effective care.

Customized university solutions

Tailored to meet the unique needs of university environments, our platform offers a range of interventions suitable for diverse populations.

Our comprehensive mental health solution for higher education

Improved student outcomes

Enhanced academic performance and social interaction, reduced dropout rates, and substance abuse issues.

Cost savings for universities

Mitigating economic impact, improving faculty & staff support, reducing administrative burden, and addressing safety concerns.

Enhanced campus wellbeing & culture

Our partnership model aims to elevate mental health care in universities, leading to better academic outcomes and a healthier campus culture.

Operational efficiency and risk mitigation

Streamlining mental health services and providing data-driven insights for better decision-making.

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