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How Afrijob is enhancing employee wellbeing and performance with Shamiri Health's Innovative Solutions.

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Afrijob : Enhancing Employee Well-Being and Performance with Shamiri Health’s Innovative Solutions


Afrijob, a leader in African talent acquisition, specializes in matching fast-growing companies across the continent with top global talent. Operating in 6 African countries, Afrijob collaborates with over 50 prestigious African companies including SWVL, Jumia, Lori Systems, ALX, and Dalberg. As a dynamic and expanding recruitment firm, Afrijob is committed to not only finding the right talent for its clients but also ensuring the well-being and productivity of its own team.


With rapid expansion and high-stakes talent matching, Afrijob’s team faced heightened stress levels and the challenges of maintaining work-life balance. This started impacting team morale and efficiency. Afrijob recognized the need for a comprehensive wellness program to support their team’s mental health and enhance overall productivity.


Afrijob partnered with Shamiri Health to introduce a tailored mental health and wellness program. They chose Shamiri Health for its unique blend of community-oriented solutions, evidence-based tiered caregiving, and low-touch therapy, all accessible through the intuitive Rafi platform.


The program was rolled out to all Afrijob employees. Each team member received access to the Rafi platform, where they could engage in daily wellness surveys, interact within a supportive community, and access personalized mental health resources. The platform’s integration with Afrijob’s existing support systems allowed for seamless adoption.

Afrijob also benefited from Shamiri Health’s organizational tools, including a company dashboard for monitoring overall employee wellness and targeted interventions like customized workshops and professional development sessions.


Over the course of the program, Afrijob reported significant improvements:

  • A 25% increase in employee productivity.
  • Reduction in stress-related absenteeism by 20%.
  • Enhanced employee engagement and morale.
  • Positive feedback on work-life balance improvements.
  • Stronger team cohesion and reduced turnover intentions.


Shamiri Health’s comprehensive approach provided Afrijob with a robust solution to the challenges of employee stress and burnout. The program’s success in improving staff well-being and productivity demonstrates the effectiveness of Shamiri Health’s model in dynamic corporate environments. Afrijob is committed to continuing this partnership, fostering a culture of mental wellness and high performance.

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