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Shamiri Health is supporting Ujamaa Africa's mission of empowering communities and reducing gender-based violence.

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Title: Ujamaa Africa: Empowering Communities and Reducing Violence with Shamiri Health’s Innovative Mental Health Solutions

Background:Ujamaa Africa is a trailblazing organization dedicated to fostering health, personal security, and economic empowerment for vulnerable women and children. With a vision of an empowered society free from violence against women and children, Ujamaa Africa has embarked on an ambitious project in collaboration with government ministries, UN agencies, and civil society organizations in Kenya. This project focuses on reducing sexual violence through a comprehensive schools-based program, coupled with a randomized control trial to measure its impact.

Challenge:In implementing this critical project, Ujamaa Africa faced the challenge of addressing the deep-rooted factors that lead to violence, including mental health issues in communities and schools. Ensuring the well-being of their staff, who work in emotionally challenging environments, was also a priority. There was a need for a holistic mental health solution that could cater to both community needs and staff welfare.

Solution:To address these challenges, Ujamaa Africa partnered with Shamiri Health to integrate a comprehensive mental health and well-being program into their project. Shamiri Health’s community-oriented approach, featuring low-touch therapy and tiered caregiving, provided the flexibility and depth required for this complex initiative.

Implementation:Shamiri Health’s Rafi platform was introduced to Ujamaa Africa’s staff and the communities they serve. This platform offered daily wellness surveys, access to mental health resources, and a supportive community to discuss and address issues related to violence and trauma. Customized workshops and training sessions were also provided to empower Ujamaa Africa’s team and enhance their capacity to support their beneficiaries effectively.

Results:Since the implementation of Shamiri Health’s solutions, Ujamaa Africa has observed:

  • A significant increase in community engagement and participation in violence prevention programs.
  • Improved mental well-being and resilience among staff members.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in delivering violence prevention education in schools.
  • Positive feedback from communities on the accessibility and impact of mental health resources.

Conclusion:Shamiri Health’s innovative approach has been instrumental in supporting Ujamaa Africa’s mission. The mental health and well-being program not only benefitted the staff but also played a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of their violence prevention efforts. This partnership highlights the importance of integrating mental health solutions in initiatives aimed at social change and community empowerment.

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