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Learn how Zeraki is transforming its workplace with Shamiri Health’s cutting-edge employee wellness platform.

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How Zeraki is Transforming It Workplace With Shamiri Health’s Cutting-Edge Employee Wellness Platform 

Zeraki: Using technology to solve some of the toughest problems encountered in providing quality education in africa. 

In this case study, we explore how Zeraki keeps its employees resilient within a rapid changing environment. 

About Zeraki: 

Zeraki is a leading education technology provider in Africa. Zeraki is all about using technology to solve some of the toughest challenges encountered in providing quality education in Africa. The company’s cutting edge solutions provide insights that enable informed decision making, provide access to quality instruction and take the stress out of everyday administrative tasks. Zeraki  strives to improve the lives of educators and students at every stage and in every setting. The company’s Core product, Zeraki analytics, is transforming the way educational data is collected, analyzed and used

Zeraki, a mid-sized technology company with a diverse workforce, noticed a significant increase in employee stress and burnout, negatively impacting productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention. The management decided to prioritize employee well-being and implement a mental health and wellness solution. 

Our Solution

Shamiri Health - both for employees and managers:

Zeraki first organized a pilot rolling out Shamiri Health’s products to 25 Zeraki employees.  They chose our community-oriented mental health and wellness platform because it offered a bespoke solution for their employees and managers. On the Rafi platform, they were inspired by our comprehensive, evidence-based solution that incorporates daily personalized surveys, tiered caregiving, low-touch therapy, and a supportive community. The platform could also be easily integrated into the company's existing employee support infrastructure, and the HR department introduced it to employees.


Employees at Zeraki created individual accounts on the platform and started engaging with the Rafi community app, where they completed daily personalized surveys and interacted with a supportive community. Based on their needs and symptoms, employees were matched with appropriate mental health care resources, such as 1-on-1 private sessions, evidence-based group sessions, or bite-sized digital journeys.

Zeraki also gained access to a company dashboard with aggregated data and recommendations, which included free company workshops, a live company dashboard, and customized company recommendations.

In addition to these, customized workshops, professional development content, and sessions were developed for the company. 


After six months of implementing our solution, Zeraki has observed the following results:

  1. 30% reduction in reported employee stress and burnout.
  2. 20% increase in overall employee satisfaction.
  3. 15% reduction in absenteeism related to mental health issues.
  4. 10% reduction in employee turnover.
  5. Improved work-life balance and sense of community among employees.


Shamiri Health seems to be an effective solution for Zeraki  in addressing employee stress, burnout, and mental health issues. The platform's tiered caregiving model, low-touch therapy, and supportive community contributed to improved employee well-being, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and lower turnover rates. Zeraki plans to continue using the platform and encouraging employees to prioritize their mental health and wellness.

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